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“NEO the 20 month old my unconditional best follower can do anything to please me. My heart bleeds these days as he is away from me waiting endlessly for my weekend visits..

His eyes talk... express a thousand words in a minute unlike me struggling here for words to express my feelings...

It's those times in your life that you actually realize your dog. The insignificant things that they do that make you smile or laugh. That small moment you bump them and they look up as though you just spoilt them rotten. You leave to pick one thing up from out side and come back in and they treat you as though they thought you where going to leave. Or when you take them for a walk in the rain and when you get home they just want to be with you to say thank you! That's what makes a dog a dog. your loyal companion that is always there. My Neo and your dogs are these creatures that make our lives whole.

The reason we devote every moment we have with them to being out there and having fun. These reasons are the fundamentals of ours dogs. It's why the bond between human and animals is so great. They fill in what are missing!”

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