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This section tells you everything about caring a dog, in general.

We hope to see you again here. Go ahead & have a look at this plethora of tonnes of articles on your favourite pet....dog!
    Dog Health : The Information you have always looked for!
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Ambulance for stray animals

 ::  Karuna, an animal welfare organisation, has opened its fourth branch of mobile ambulances for stray animals. The ambulances will cover the area between Mulund and KanjurMarg (suburbs of Mumbai-India) and will provide on the spot free medical treatment to stray animals in distress. The ambulances are well-equipped with medical and surgical equipments.For details call 25608383 between 10 am and 6 pm.

    Dog & Drugs: The Information you have always looked for!

The Mumbai crime branch's Anti Narcotics Cell, the most active in the country, does not have a single sniffer dog.

(Courtesy:Asian Age)

 Luxuries for Dogs

1) Behavioural psychologists

2) Personal Trainers,

3) Massage Therapists,

4) Beauticians,

5) Healthy Haute Cuisine,

6) Custom-made beds

 Insurance for Dogs

Premium : Generally 6 %

For third Party : Add 1 %

Additional Premium for poisoning & breeding risk : 0.5 to 1%

Theft Insurance - Extra premium varies depending on circumstances

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