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    Business Opportunities by: Abhilasha Ojha

The Pet Files

Pooch pampering gets tail-wagging approval even as individuals sense business opportunities in this genre:

Dogs are also suddenly becoming the film and advertising industry’s best friend. If Hollywood’s Marley & Me has revived global interest in Labradors, back home, films like Ta Ra Rum Pum and ads by companies like Vodafone have prompted people to bring home these four-legged  creature as companions even as children in most homes are encouraging parents to bring home toy breeds for them.

Not surprisingly, the business of pooch pampering is getting bigger and better. From pet boarding and lodging facilities, to grooming parlours especially for your pooch, to party organizer for dog birthday parties to designated canine clubs and even mobile grooming vans, there are lots available. Why, there are people who promise to customise even pet vacations for you and your pet!

“With our service, you could take your pet along on train and air journey, too,” confirm Anupama Vinayaka while cuddling her Labrador, Banjo. It’s tanks to her dog that she bagan petvacation.in, India’s first pet travel company. Vinayak ties up with hotel and resorts in India and organizes pet vacation in different parts of the country. She customises vacations and takes care of everything, including working out logistics of such trips, transferring the pets by train or air, depending on the destination. The budget? “It varies from customer to customer,” she announces. Usually resorts and hotels featured in petvacations.in cost Rs. 5,000 onwards. “With pets,” adds Vinayak, “the tariff comes with an additional cost of Rs. 500, excluding meals.” Vinayak remembers customizing one two-month-long getway for a family, from Mumbai to Kerala, by road, for Rs. 2.5lakh. “The pet even stayed on a house boat,”she laughs.

For those who want to travel with their pets. Air India is among the few airlines that allow pets to travel in the cargo hold (Rs 30,000-40,000 is the cost of booking pets on international flights). It’s best to inform the pilot in writing. Prior to the flight, so the temperatures can be adjusted accordingly. Pets below 10 weeks of age are not allowed to travel by flight. If a pet weight around 30-35 kg. the cost is as much as your own airfare.

Home Care Dog Food in Mumbai. Today, he supplies to over 1000 clients in Mumbai and delivers home-cooked meals for the pets. “I”ve been in touch with many vaterinarians and my special dog food comes packed with the goodness of jowar, rice, corn, wheat, ragi and a choice of vegetables and meat.


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