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Its now easy to track your Dog.


Just follow the given below steps :

Get GPS/GSM-based tracking unit - Contact: info@gdata.in
  • Enables tracking with mobile phone
  • In the mobile phone coloured display


Features of G PS/GSM-based tracking unit:

  • Small size (72*55*32mm)
  • Lightweight 80g
  • Normal usage time 10-14h,
  • Max usage 100h with power save mode
  • Geofencing included
  • Numerous applications

Easy to use and install

  • Program and map downloading wirelessly via GPRS network
  • Possible to set automatic tracking (eg. 5, 10 or 60 min:n interval)
  • Battery included

Fast to use with a mobile phone

  • Automatic or manual locating request
  • Fast downloading of maps via GPRS

Safe To Use

  • Each unit has it’s own safetycode
    - only permitted persons can track device
    - multiple objects can be tracked at the same time

Upoint and PCGPS software

  • You can Track of Upoint module on PC screen by using PCGPS Software

PCGPS is economical to use

  • GPRS provides lowest cost service
  • Google map ready to use
  • Topographic map ready depending on country starting  August 2007
  • Unlimited numbers targets to track

Alternatively a simple FindGPS SW  for mobile phones
  • Google maps available now
  • Tracking is base on SMS messages
  • One tracking target on time
  • One time fee without addional yearly costs
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