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Very little is being done to increase the knowledge of owners of these wonderful pets. Moreover, we wish to address the issue of foreign breeds versus the Indian breeds.

Ultimately, we hope to cover all types of pets although the site name means a dog in Hindi. Besides the usual information on dogs, we offer you a facility where you can find a mating partner for your dog.

In the rare event that you lose your pet, we have a section in our site, where you can enter particulars of your lost pet. We will encourage the posting of particulars of pets found by humane persons. If a pet found matches your lost pet, then you will be notified by e-mail.

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Dog Association & Clubs

This section tells you everything about a dog, in general. This section,” All About Dogs” provides you the information related to dogs, such as Directories, General Links, & much more.

We hope to see you again here. Go ahead & have a look at this plethora of tonnes of articles on your favourite pet….dog!

Kennel Clubs

The Kennel Club of India

Ms Rukmani Sudarsan.(Sec),9, Balar Kalvi Nilayam Avenue, Chennai – 600007. India
Tel /Fax:: 91-(0)44-5322282

Delhi Kennel Club

Mr. Rajiv Shandilya(Hon.Sec)
3500, Kuchalalman, Delhi Gate
Delhi -110006 India
Ph: 91-(0)11-3260345

Amritsar Kennel Club

Mr Yogesh Tuteja (Hon.Sec)
71, Dayanand Nagar
III, Lawrence Road,
Amritsar. India
Ph: 91-(0)183-222612

North Calcutta Kennel Club

Mr. Chandrasekhar Sarkar (Hon. Sec.)
54/4 Kali Charan Sett lane,
Calcutta -700030 India
Ph: 91-(0)33-5576362

Get an Expert Advice

Everything you need to provide the best care for your dog, including expert advice on health, care and training. Our experts provide help and advice on dog training, behaviour, care and dog school. Find the best way to learn about dogs through research.

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