“Giving your puppy as a gift is the worst thing to do with the poor creature”


Unless you plan to create a new breed ( which needs years of persuasion and through knowledge of genetics and breeding), maintaining the purity in breeds of dog is of prime importance for dog breeding. Breeding your dog with different breed or with the one having poor progeny records may reduce the value and demand of your pups. While picking the puppy for breeding and while picking up the mating partner, confirm breeds standards and progeny records.

It’s time to breed your dog:

It is advisable to let the first heat of bitch go and mate her at the second heat. Normally one should start searching for a male immediately after the first heat. Male should be preferably a year old or more. Before taking the decision of breeding your bitch, following points should be considered about the dam of bitch and male dog.

    • Did dam whelp easily and normally
    • Did she foster her puppies properly
    • Were there any hereditary defects or breed defects found in any of the parents or littermates.

When you plan to breed your bitch, start for following preparations:

    1. See that your bitch is registered.
    2. If the bitch is overweight, slim her down and give her plenty of exercise to bring her into good muscular condition to make whelping easier.
    3. Skin disease or chronic diseases if any should be cured well in advance. Pregnancy and whelping worsen the condition and chances of puppies picking up the disease are strong.
    4. Vaccinations should be completed and bitch should be dewormed before the expected oestrus period.
    5. Start calcium and vitamin A, B, D, & E supplementation before and after mating is advisable
    6. Consult your veterinarian for general checkup and to your breeder for a suitable male.

Bitch in heat:


She reveals heightened sensitivity or irritability or high spirits
Vulva enlarges and softens.

Vaginal capillaries gets enlarged, finally rupture and bloodstained discharge occurs through vulva.

Watch the bitch closely as you see the vulva enlarging. Observing the first day of bleeding is critical. Checking the vulva regularly with cotton or white tissue is recommended since few bitches may tend to clean the vulva before anybody could observe.

Keep the stud – dog ready and as you observe the first symptom of estrus, keep the appointment for 11th, 12th and 13th day. Two mating at 36 to 48 hours apart is advisable for successful mating.

To keep away from the nuisance of stray dogs spray perfume in vulva. This may suppress the ‘smell’ to a large extent.

Ideal mating period is 11th to 13th day from first day of blood discharge. However since variation may occur or one may fail to observe the first sign, ideal period is considered as the one when the bitch ‘accepts’ the stud – dog – Acquaintance with the stud – dog however plays an important role in this. Sometimes bitch may refuse an unknown stud – dog inspite of the appropriate mating period.


It is advisable for the bitch to visit the dog as male is less inhibited in his behavior on his own territory.

Allow the bitch to empty her bladder before she reaches stud – dog’s place. This will reduce the chances of gathering the nuisance of stray dogs.
The practice of tying the bitch’s mouth immediately after arriving and forcing her to mate with stud – dog by artificially stimulating him is not only cruel but might also be futile.

Let the bitch and stud – dog get acquainted and run together, perform their natural sequence of mating, play and mate in the due course of time.
Although dogs perform best outdoors, if not possible those may be left alone in a room or confined place.

The bitch that is not ready to mate will give those signs to the stud dog and the male may not approach the bitch. Both should not be forced at this point. Breeding forcefully may be futile.

Once the male mounts the bitch, owners may have to guide the dog and to steady the bitch so that she cannot move away. Tying her muzzle lightly may help to avoid the possible harm she may cause to the stud or the owners at this stage since she is emotionally keyed up. Support the bitch under her abdomen to help her to bear the dog’s wait.

Don’t disturb the animals during coital tie unless it is prolonged for more than an hour. It is a part of normal mating process.

After mating:

Search for:
Possible houses that can buy the newborns within 6 to 8 weeks of age.
A spacious, airy and peaceful whelping room.
Space where puppies can move around after 4 – 5 weeks of age.