Jumping Up 2

Teach your dog to sit whenever you ask him to. Sit at the kerb when you cross the road. Sit in front of you. Then when he runs at you, or anyone else, if told sit he will sit. BUT it has to be practised, and used constantly, not just now and then.

When he sits as you have asked reward him with a titbit…a very tiny one.Sit while his food is being prepared.

Lying down is another skill that is useful. Lie down, I am busy. Lie down, I want to watch TV. Lie down, while we eat.

If you say DOWN when he jumps up, the word does not mean lie down on the ground and keep still…it means stand on four legs and dont jump up. So you need to use another word, like LIE, or FLAT, for him…

Also QUIET is often the noisiest word in the English language for dog owners …and all it does is make him think you are helping him bark. So WHISPER “quiet.”

When he is excited and jumps at you, turn round and walk away. Pretend you cant see him. Don’t speak or shout at him as that is still acknowledging him and he wants your attention. Only speak when he has settled down…it will take time at first but he ought to learn that jumping up is useless as nothing nice happens when he does it…or nasty for that matter. Nothing at all happens.

If he asks to be petted, DON’T. Keep your hands away. Don’t sit and stroke him absent mindedly as that gives him too much attention and makes him feel much more important than you are. When he goes away from you, then you can call him and YOU pet him, not because he has forced you to, but because you want to. I have petting times…when I call my dog and make a fuss of her…not too much or she will over excite.

If he asks to play, dont play. Ignore him. Then a few minutes later, IF it is convenient, you call him and start to play.Pack leaders eat first, and you are the pack leader…he isn’t…so he has to learn that…but just eating before him will show him you are boss.

Pack leaders go through doors first…so he must not rush through in front of you.

His change of diet ought to help, but it wont happen overnight…it will take about six weeks, as he will still have the elements of the old food in his system. Many foods on the market have the same effect as those that excite hyperactive children. I had help with this from someone who works with them in the NHS. One Smartie can cause a problem if red is what triggers a child. The same with the dogs. Can be colouring, preservatives or content.

(By the way, red dyes in carpets can cause skin problems.)

If you have been shouting at him, and most people do…dogs can be very annoying…then stop, and WHISPER to him. Their hearing is fifty times more acute than ours…they can hear a beetle walk across the floor.

Commitment, Firmness, but kindness.

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